In The District 12/16/19

Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America ensures that we honor our service members beyond Memorial and Veterans Days and furthers a mission of placing a wreath on each hero’s grave at more than 1,600 locations internationally. These photos are from the ceremonies in Newman at Hills Ferry Cemetery and San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery.

Planada Annual Seniors’ Christmas Lunch

Fabiola Cervantes, the Planada Community, and Planada In Action organized this year’s Seniors Christmas Lunch. The annual event provides local seniors with holiday raffle gifts and a festive lunch to celebrate the holidays.

Holiday Gathering At UC Merced

Chancellor Nathan Brostrom for invited Assemblymember Adam Gray to join at UC Merced’s holiday gathering.

If you missed the Chancellor’s OpEd about the school’s recent work and outstanding achievements, you can read it here:

UC Merced Graduation

Congratulations to all UC Merced Bobcats (and their families!) graduating today at the school’s 2019 Winter Commencement. Wishing you the best of luck on your next steps in life!

Cathleen Galgiani Comments On High Speed Rail

“Although construction is already underway, a group of legislators are now proposing to cancel electrification of our Central Valley rail system, so that they can move billions of dollars to Southern California for LA’s Metrolink system.

We’ve been down this road before!

In 2011, the Legislature tried to redirect federal HSR funds to the Bay Area and Southern California. Their plans failed when Undersecretary Roy Kienitz, U.S. Department of Transportation, personally visited California to explain why the Central Valley HSR segment had been chosen, and why federal funds could not be redirected outside of the Central Valley. In part, he stated:

“We believe the decision to begin there (Central Valley) was and remains a wise one. This selection was based on careful consideration of the options put forward by California through a competitive application process….With this central piece built, more complex construction can extend north, south or simultaneously in both directions as additional sections of the project are ready to be built … The Central Valley line is the essential core of any viable high-speed rail plan for California.” 

I support Governor Newsom’s plan for an electrified HSR system between Bakersfield and Merced.”

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